Feeling under pressure with certain projects currently in my life, I decided to ask the angels to guide me in terms of balance as a spiritual principle. Here is what I heard.

Balance is a reflection of the perfection of God’s universe. It is the begining and end in a circle of flow that neither overwhelms or diminishes that which it comes in contact with, but enhances all aspects of one’s life.

How can I attain balance?

Surrender, dear child, surrender. We ask of you to give us your time, your plans, your efforts and allow us to find the centre, balancing your needs with our wisdom.

When you seek a balance it will be offered. Be patient. BE still. Allow it to be revealed and then accept it whether it seems sensible or not. We love you and call you into a deep peace and a contentment that flows from a well-ordered life.

What do you mean by well-ordered?

By this question you reflect your own fears of your mortal disorganisation. A well-ordered life knows what is at its centre. God the beginning. God the end, and all that passes in between.

Listen to us and know that all the hurrying, complaining, squeezing-in-not-to-miss-a-drop is unnecessary. There is nothing to miss. All is here in this moment. Be still and feel the balance. Be still and find the centre point of your life. Realise God is all that really matters and all that striving is pointless. You’re already here.

Love God. Love God in all that you do and you will have infinite balance, infinite time, infinite contentment. Let us love you in the dishes. Let us love you in the garden. Let us love you driving the car. Let us love you in the face of the one you are seeing across the counter or table or talking to on the mobile. Feel the balance in the moment and know YOU ARE, and that is enough. All else falls away in an instant. Only love endures.

Let Love balance your life. Love for God, Love for each other and love for yourself. And all will be well, and well-ordered . All is one and at the centre of all that is you will find /experience God.