Plant Your New Year’s Garden

We are well into the new year…you have probably made all kinds of resolutions and some of them may already have been cast aside.

I invite you to take this time to experiment with something I have found helpful over the years. Take a blank piece of paper and imagine it to be your garden for 2018. Think about what you would like to plant in your garden for the coming year. Perhaps a better relationship with yourself, a partner, or friend. Good health. More fun. Time enjoying nature.   Whatever you want to have grow in the garden of your life this year imagine as seeds and locate them on the blank sheet of paper. In other words write them or make a symbol for each one with a key as to what they stand for. Be as creative as you feel like.You can plant as many seeds as you want or have it as empty as you want. You can scatter them or have them neatly in rows.

How and what you plant is all up to you. Just make sure and leave some room for the seeds God wants to plant as gifts for you in your garden this year.

Then all you need to do is hope for the best, knowing that some maintenance and tending is needed. Weeds may crop up and choke the tender shoots of some of the seeds you’ve planted so they may need weeding. Then of course the ground will needed to be watered. Sometimes the new shoots will need to be protected. There are lots of spiritual metaphors in this gardening which I will leave to your keen minds to be aware of. You can even reflect, while you are patiently waiting for the seeds to sprout and grow, how different events last year cultivated the soil of your garden and made it ready to receive what you have just decided to plant.

Hope you reap a great harvest from your planting. Happy gardening.