Peter’s Lenten Message March 20, 2018 by Janet

This is a channelled interview with Peter that I took down in automatic writing. Hope you find it interesting and maybe send me a comment on it.

So Peter, what wisdom do you bring to us today?

What can I say? I bring the wisdom of the ages – of eons and eons ago – of all time. Too big for my shoulders but hey, that’s the job I’ve been given.

Tell us your story.

I was an ignorant and poor fisherman. I mean by that I wasn’t the best fisherman. Sometimes our catch was good, more times we barely squeaked by. I was out with my brother and the catch was poor again and this fellow on the shore started telling me what to do. Everybody was always giving me tips but they never worked. You know – opinions, everyone’s got one on most things. I figured here goes more of the same. I did what he suggested, expecting nothing but more disappointment. Instead we got a haul of fish so big the nets started breaking. Then this fellow says to me and my brother ‘Leave those fish and follow me. I’m going to make you fishers of men.’ The strangest thing of all was that we did. We left the catch and went after him, without batting an eye. Didn’t even go home to tell my wife and kids. Left that and the catch to my dad, and the rest is history.

What have you learned on your journey?

If you gave me all of your tomorrows, there wouldn’t be enough time to answer that question. That’s the truth and not a cop-out. But one thing I can tell you fairly quickly is that I learned that you can’t get it wrong if you’re heart is in the right place. See God is only interested in your heart. So even if you mess up because you’re just human, if your heart really wants to get it right (even though you always seem to get it wrong) you got it right. See what I mean?

What do you want to say to me as a message for my life right now?

Like so many of us, you step right in the doo-doo when you want to be smelling like roses. Stop worrying about your choices, Janet., and your mistakes. Focus your heart on God and the rest will be alright, even if it feels like it could be wrong. God will bring good out of it – you’ll see.

What message do you have for the world this Lent?

Shape up or ship out. May sound harsh but it’s time to make some choices. Who are you serving and why?

You want to be rich and famous, or scamming the system for as much as you can? Don’t be gnashing your teeth when you can’t get into the party. Bombs, plastics, material goods, phones of all sorts and speeds are not the way into paradise.

I’d say the real problem in today’s world is with ego and humility. But it was the same in my time on earth. I always thought I was either the lowest of the low or flying it. I even told Jesus he shouldn’t say certain things – like I knew better. I was full of myself. I was a coward, impetuous and an all round ignoramous. The only thing that saved me from myself was I loved Jesus. There was nobody I loved more. Well, I loved my own life more, but he understood and never stopped loving me.

You can’t get that anywhere. You can’t buy it or sell it, that complete all-forgiving loving that you know – well, I knew – I could never deserve, earn, be good enough for. And yet to him I was and would always be good enough – the rock, he called me. Go figure.

I guess one thing I had going for me – I was me. My deep love for Jesus in my heart was never shaken. And even when I swore I was someone else and believed I was in fact that someone else (one that wouldn’t desert Jesus), he knew the truth about me. Said it to my face. And still loved me. That’s out of this world. And that’s all of us. Each one of us are that loved.

Do you allow yourself to receive it? Do you in your heart really love the God of your understanding. Now’s the time. Go for it. Drop your distractions, not just for Lent but for life. Be bold, go for the real gold – go for God.