S-know Learning

Recent Red Alert was an interesting experience for me here in Ireland. I have lived through many major snow storms in my life and in comparison this was minor so I would have thought last week would have been a piece of cake for me. Weird thing that I had not factored in was that it has been a couple of decades since I actually was chopping wood for the wood stove in my mountain cabin home and hauling water from the creek a quarter of a mile away. (There had been a freak snow storm early in October in Upstate New York and as a result I had no electricity or water for 5 days. )

But today, being older and in a country not used to dealing with heavier snowfalls, I found some of my experience useful, but I was now powerless to do the things I felt were necessary to do. Neighbours were busy taking care of their own family’s needs and I was feeling lonely and stressed as to how things that needed to be done were going to get done.

I was definitely getting unnecessarily stressed and edgy three days into the storm. Then, I realised that I was back to a very old place of not trusting. So I sat down and talked to God about all that I felt needed to be managed and that I was powerless over handling and put every bit of it into God’s hands. I meditated for a while and didn’t receive any earth shattering awareness, but I did feel lighter in myself and less stressed. I slept well that night and woke the next day to see the snow around my car having shrunk from knee high to shin high and bits of our country lane starting to appear. There was a soft rain falling. Birds had come out of hiding and life was going on in God’s perfect way and perfect timing.

I remembered a song we used to sing at Hilda’s class -‘Be still and know that I am God.’ .