Why do we implore the angels, God, advisers,  and friends for help when we still only want to have things our own way?

If you really want help then surrender, really surrender.  Surrender. Let go of the bit of the towel you’re still holding onto and throw it in completely.

Trust that there is One who loves you beyond appearances in the here and now. Surrender your hopes and dreams and trust that what is in store when you truly surrender your hearts is far better than you could have ever imagined.

Do not keep your future in captivity to your desires, but free yourself for your journey ahead and the joy that is in store for you.

Be still. Still all of your worrying. Still all of your fears. Surrender. Surrender your sadness and your sorrow. Make room for happiness to come back into your life.

”What are you holding onto anyway? Your little ego? Your itsy-bitsy pride? Come now. Release it into the ethers and rejoice in the freedom that is yours with a simple breathing in and breathing out.” (Hilda Charlton, spiritual teacher)

I feared that surrender was failing, was a giving up and giving in and losing hope. What I have learned through complete surrender is that the fight is over and I can be at peace, open-hearted and open-handed. In this place I can receive all the blessings and gifts God’s Universe wants to give me. All I have left to do is say Thank You.