Biographical Sketch

Born in rural Oklahoma, Janet has lived in a wide variety of interesting places in America, and would never have predicted she would end up in Ireland. Through her own life struggles and subsequent therapy she was introduced to psychodrama. She took to it immediately. Returning to school after her divorce, she recieved a Masters Degree in Literature and Humanistic Education. Eager to learn more and more about people handling challenges in their life she trained as a psychotherapist and an addictions counsellor.

'Roots' have always fascinated her, possibly because of the unsettledness of her own life. The stories of her grandparents experiences in the pioneering times of the Wild West fed her imagination as a child. Responding to a call in her heart to go to Donegal, she came to Ireland for six days in 1990. On her third day in Ireland, walking down a country road outside of Donegal town, she heard a voice inside her say 'Come back and write the book.' A year later, with three hundred American dollars in her backpack, she left her secure position as an adjunt professor in New York and came to a little cottage in West Clare where she began to write.

Now a naturalized Irish citizen, Janet E Sahafi continues to write (watch for her new novel 'Savoir'). She has a small private psychotherapy practice. She loves dancing of all kinds – calls herself a 'dancing fool.' Meditation, cinema, jazz and tango music are other interests she has. Whenever possible Janet spends time by the sea.

"The mountains set my spirit singing, but, by the sea I find the greatest companionship for my soul." - Janet E. Sahafi

Photography throughout website by Jolanta Lekaviciute
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