The Red Tent

According to historian/author Anita Diamant, women left their responsibilities once a month to gather for three days on the New Moon and share their life's journey with each other; the gathering place was called 'The Red Tent'.

Honouring this ancient tradition, we will meet for a few hours on the New Moon in order to understand, deepen, and heal our relationship with ourselves as females, with other women in our lives and to re-connect with the feminine energy. The tent is a place of wisdom, support, comfort and fun where we can share our life experience, joys, struggles and dreams in safe and creative ways.

There are Red Tents happening all over Europe with varying focus. Janet first experienced the Red Tent in Spring 2006 at a psychodrama conference in the USA. She brought the first Red Tent to Ireland the following October, facilitating courses in Tullow, Co.Carlow from 2006- 2008, and in Bennettsbridge 2013-14, and now in Thomastown 2017, at the Watergarden.

Why come to the Red Tent?

Allow your authentic self to blossom

Connect with other females in a deeply supportive & profound way

Honour & learn & share wisdom from all phases of womanhood

The Gift of Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness? Sometimes our mind races way ahead of our body, ploughing through the busy-ness of our life leaving our spirit abandoned in the dust of endless 'to do' lists.

Mindfulness is a gentle way to help bring about integration of body, mind and spirit.

This half day workshop will present some basic principles of mindfulness such as 'beginner's mind', non-striving, acceptance, and here-n-now awareness. Time, fee, and venue to be arranged and tailored to your group.

To book or for more information please visit the Contact page.


Throughout my professional career I have presented experiential workshops for both professionals and nonprofessionals. Some of them have been based on my two non-fiction books Healing the Past, and Healing the Spirit. Other workshops have included: Courage to Change (Assertiveness), Walking with the Angels, Sacred Stories – Pathways to Wholeness, The Gift of Mindfulness, Healing through Psychodrama, Family Sculpting, Spiritual Support for the Helping Professional, Mask-making, The Red Tent, The Addicted Family System.

Training Workshops presented for professionals

IAST, State University of New York training institute, Buffalo, NY

NADAAC & ASGPP National Conferences (USA)

Creative Counselling Ctre , Dun Laorie, Co Dublin

Accord in Kilkenny

IACP, Southeast Region, Brandon Hotel, New Ross

IAHIP, National Conference, Clarion Hotel, Cork

Venues where Ms Sahafi presented workshops for non-professionals

Orlagh Centre, Knocklyon, Dublin


Chrysalis Centre, Co. Wicklow

The Blue Room, Bennettsbridge, Co Kilkenny

St. Kieron's College, Kilkenny

Teach Bride, Tullow, Co Carlow

St.Raphael's Healing Centre, Bennettsbridge, Co Kilkenny

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