Writings by Janet E. Sahafi

Healing the Spirit

There is a rising wave of spiritual consciousness in the world today. In the midst of the technological bombardment that overwhelms us, the spirit is roaring 'Now is the Time.' Dare we listen? Dare we not? It is time for the spirit to be healed. To remember who we are and what we came to this life for. To recognise that each of us is on a sacred voyage of discovery.

Besides being an interesting account of Ms Sahafi's own varied spiritual journey, in this book you'll be given questions to explore and write about. You'll find where your spirit may have been wounded or sidetracked. You'll remember your heart's desire and receive tools to remove obstacles on your path. Remember, you are exactly where you need to be to learn what you need to learn next.

  • Ms Sahafi, through integrating her own unique spiritual dimension and her therapeutic knowledge enables us not only to heal the past but also to reclaim our soul’s true essence.

    - Zerka Moreno, world-renowned master of psychodrama and group psychotherapy

Healing the Past

So you hate your mother. You'll get over it. So your father was drunk and abusive whenever he came home. That was years ago. So your teacher in primary school ridiculed you when you had the wrong answers, what's that got to do with today? Even if you intellectually understand and think you've let go of childhood traumas, Janet E Sahafi believes they can still be working away in your gut and sabotaging your opportunities for happiness now.

Straight-forward, clear talking and powerful, Healing the Past takes you from your head to your heart on a journey of courage. The stories contained in the book prove that recovery from trauma is possible with forgiveness, acceptance and love. We can at last be free to reap the rewards of peace of mind, vibrant health and happiness.

  • Healing the Past is filled with inspirational and common sense approaches about letting go of detrimental baggage from the past and recovering from these wounds.

    - Modern Woman

180 degree U-Turn – Conversion of the Heart (performance piece DVD)

In collaboration with video artists, musicians, composers, singers and actors, Janet E Sahafi developed this exciting one woman show. It is the true story of three survivors – Sarah, Dottie, and John – all victims of abuse in one form or another (domestic, drug addiction, institutional). Three actors portray these true stories, what their lives used to be like, what happened and what their lives are like today. They are no longer just surviving. They have come to be thriving, inspirational people whose stories can give others hope and encouragement. The DVD was filmed during a live performance of the show.

The piece conveys their differing ideas about God and the twists and turns each of their spiritual journeys have taken. This potent drama is sure to inspire as well as engage.

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